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Implementing Google Adwords, Bing, Yahoo or Facebook PPC can instantly increase your website traffic with highly targeted visitors.

Not only is pay per click marketing an excellent way to attract instant traffic to your website, it’s also ideal for tracking and split testing different offers you make on your website. This gives you the power to adjust your pages & marketing campaigns for success.

Even if you are getting good natural traffic to your website, you can still increase your sales & profits by implementing Google Adwords (especially) & PPC campaigns.

Creating Your PPC Campaign

Many business owners avoid pay per click marketing simply because they’ve either been burned in the past by paying a lot of money for little results, or they just don’t know how to create a profitable pay per click campaign.

Whether you’re a business owner brand new to pay per click, you’ve had little success with pay per click, or are just seeking someone to take over management of your pay per click marketing campaigns, I’d like to help you do it right.

I’ve seen revenue increases of over 600% just by implementing pay per click marketing and, I’ve personally spent over $100,000 on PPC (mainly Google Adwords)… profitably.

Bottom line: when PPC marketing is set up right, it is profitable. Highly profitable.

Another bottom line: If you are not using Google Adwords -or- you are managing your own Adwords or PPC campaigns… you are probably leaving a lot of money on the table.

Winning Pay Per Click Campaigns

Profitable PPC campaigns all come down to four important factors:

  1. Proper Account Structure & Set Up – Your Adwords & PPC accounts should be set up following the 80/20 rule. This enables you to see your most profitable terms & ads and focus on them. This brings in the highest profits and also gives you the needed information to optimize your website & pages even further for SEO.
  2. The Right Keywords – If you target broad keywords like ‘pencils’ in your pay per click marketing campaigns, it’s no wonder you aren’t achieving any results. The right keywords matter because it makes all the difference in attracting the right prospects to your website. We will complete detailed keyword and competition research to insure you get the right visitors. Prospects that want to buy your product or service. On Facebook… targeting even gets trickier.
  3. Quality Matters – Few business owners know this, but Google actually gives each pay per click ad and account holder a Google Quality Score. This is important because the better your score is, the less you will pay per click. You could be paying too much for clicks right now simply because you have a low Google Quality Score.
  4. Conversion Tracking & Testing – You’ll never create a profitable pay per click marketing campaign unless you make tracking and testing a priority. You need to know which of your ads convert and which ads don’t, or else you’ll empty your bank account instead of making a huge profit.

You Can Succeed With PPC

With proper Google Adwords & PPC Management, you’ll have instant online ads & extremely targeted traffic to increase your website sales and opt ins immediately. Your PPC costs will not be costs, but investments.

Question: If you could put $1 in a machine & know every time you pulled the handle you’d get $3, would you do it? The key is proper set up & management.

Get a Free PPC Marketing Evaluation, Free PPC Advice & Your Questions Answered:

If you’re ready to learn more about pay per click marketing (PPC), you’re ready to implement your first campaign, or you need someone to help manage your existing PPC efforts profitably, I would like to offer you a free 30 minute PPC meeting.

If you are currently running Adwords or other PPC campaigns, I will give you a free PPC optimization evaluation to increase your sales & lower your PPC costs. If I feel we cannot help you see the significant gains you are looking for, I will tell you.

*There will be no pressure sales or obligation. However, I do not accept all new Adwords & PPC management clients or projects. An initial meeting will help us both see if we are a “good fit.”

During our meeting, we can discuss your PPC concerns and questions. I’ll also give you an initial evaluation of what PPC marketing can possibly do for your business. Not all businesses will benefit from Adwords or other PPC… but most will. If I do not truly see where you can increase your sales & profits with PPC, I will tell you.

Schedule your FREE Adwords & PPC management meeting on my 24 hour online calender by clicking the button below:

To your success!


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