Internet Marketing: The Vital Basics

Many business owners are misled to think that internet marketing is simply a matter of creating a basic website, hooking up Facebook & Twitter, sending a few emails, making a few blog posts, and agreeing to pay someone calling you on the phone stating “I can get you a #1 spot on Google”. Sorry… think again.

These days, you can’t hope to compete online (and won’t) without executing a well planned internet marketing campaign. Without brushing up on these basics, you could easily waste a great deal of time, effort and money. While online marketing campaigns vary considerably and have more aspects than those listed below, the most profitable ones include all of the following strategies:

Search Engine Optimization – SEO

Of all of the internet marketing strategies that you’ll read & hear about, search engine optimization is critical. The ultimate goal of your online marketing campaign is to increase sales and conversions. To achieve that, you need to bring as much targeted traffic to your website as possible. No targeted, relevant traffic… no sales. You can’t hope to get that traffic without optimizing your site. SEO is typically the backbone of any successful online marketing campaign. SEO has to be done correctly… planned & targeted. Using only acceptable techniques. And when it is, you will see more targeted traffic. However, it is possible to have #1 keyword positions that get you tons of relevant traffic… and your sales still be low.

Landing Page Optimization

Landing pages are an integral part of any successful online marketing campaign. They should never be hastily thrown together. While you can always study up on creating high-quality, high-conversion landing pages, it’s a lot quicker, easier and more reliable to let a seasoned Boise Internet marketing consultant create them for you. In professional hands, these landing pages will start going to work for you right away. We can also A-B split & multi-variate test them for even higher conversion. Why work to run a ton of traffic to your website if your site or pages do not convert?

Google Adwords PPC

Google sells Adwords as a “do it yourself” program. It’s really not. Logging into Google Adwords is similar to climbing into the cockpit of a 747. There are many controls… all of which need to be set properly or you will not fly well. I frequently speak with business owners that have spent a bunch of money on Adwords without much return. They feel it doesn’t work as a result. If this has happened to you, don’t feel bad. It’s not as easy as you were told. Google Adwords can be incredibly profitable (for you & not just Google) if your campaigns, ads & landing pages are set up and managed properly. To accomplish this, you either need to spend the time to get proper training, or hire an Adwords professional. Your best bet for good ROI, is to hire a proven professional.

Content Marketing

No matter what types of products or services you are selling, you should use high-quality content to market them. When it comes to online marketing, content reigns supreme. A talented Boise Internet marketing consultant can help you develop a steady stream of optimized, high-quality content. Your consultant can submit articles, guest blog posts and other types of content to sites across the internet. We can also help you plan, write and SEO optimize monthly blog posts. In turn, you’ll develop a robust array of relevant incoming links that will enhance your site’s ranking with the major search engines. Thus helping to increase your relevant traffic… and sales.

Email Marketing

Out of all of the internet marketing strategies that you’ll encounter, email marketing is an oldie but a goody. Engaging in an effective email marketing campaign is easier said than done,  which is why it’s important to have professional guidance. If you’re not careful, your email marketing campaign could cause more harm than good. When done properly though, it can reinforce all of the steps that you’ve already taken and tie your internet marketing campaign together.

Social Media

You can enhance your existing Internet marketing strategies by incorporating social media into your campaign. Today’s most popular social media sites are free and easy to use. In many industries, it is very profitable to be actively involved in at least Facebook and Twitter. They can be used to share links to your site, interact with existing and prospective customers and to generate word of mouth. The right Boise internet marketing consultant will be well-versed in making effective use of social media and will be able to integrate it into your internet marketing campaign.

Effective Internet Marketing Never Ends

Finally, there’s no finish line when it comes to running an effective online marketing campaign. We’ve all heard there is no standing still. You are either moving forward or backward. As competitive as internet marketing is, it’s easy to backslide if you aren’t diligent about engaging in an ongoing campaign. In fact, ongoing marketing will more than likely result in higher and higher levels of online visibility. Greater visibility typically results in increased conversions and sales. Proper planning and persistence are an indispensable part of any online marketing campaign, and your efforts are sure to be rewarded by increased sales, ROI and levels of success.

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