Website Design for Drastic Sales Increase & ROI

In a minute I’ll go over 5 proven steps to design a high performance, high conversion website. I’ll include the areas & questions you need to cover when creating a website that will drastically increases your sales.

But first… there are a few things I feel I need to say. Simply because as a business owner, you need to know what’s up. You may already, but if not, this info is crucial to your business. Even if you do know these things, I think you may glean more insight. Here goes…

If you’re a business owner that doesn’t have a website today, your business is in serious trouble.

Why? 2 reasons:

1. Because everyone expects any successful business to have a website. In fact, many prospective customers will refuse to do business with you if you don’t have a website because they worry that you may not be a legitimate business – believe it or not.

2. The days of people using yellow pages & phone books to find you is nearing it’s end. People are searching the internet either from home computers, or with their mobile phone while on the road more than ever. They simply type in a specific search like: “lawyer in Boise”, “Carpet cleaner in Boise”, “Realtor in Boise”, “Dentist in Boise”, “Churches in Boise”, etc.

If you don’t have a website that comes up (on the first page & one of the top listings)… your losing a huge number of sales being generated in most industry “niches” today.

Your prospective customers are searching for you online big time… Where are you?

For today’s consumer, it’s all about convenience, saving time, researching benefits, finding the best deals & values available. They are looking for reasons to buy from you -vs- others. They are successfully finding their products & services online. This trend will continue and increase.

Even if you do have a website for your business, your site may have problems attracting prospects and converting customers if it’s poorly designed or doesn’t function well. With a high performance website redesign, you could see drastic sales increases.

The fact is, having a website with optimized design & SEO could be the difference whether your business succeeds in todays economy or not. Pretty radical statement… but it’s true. I guarantee you will have a competitor that realizes this if you don’t already.

Now, Designing The Perfect Website

The hard part about designing your own website is getting caught up in the actual artwork and visuals. While they are definitely important, the real goal of your website is not to look pretty — it’s to convert prospects into customers or get your visitors to want to do the action you desire. This is called a conversion.

There has been extensive testing & results gathered on ways to optimize a website & specific landing pages for maximum conversions. Proven practices & strategies that improve results 10-1000%. Way to many to list here and, many strategies vary depending on what type of website is being created and the goal of the website or page.

When I’m working with clients, I take five different areas into consideration when creating a high conversion website:

1. Goal – What is the goal (or goals) of the website? Are you looking for quick sales? Do you want to attract leads? Whatever the goal is, it should be clear immediately upon visiting your website. For example, if your goal is capturing leads, then you need to have your free offer and opt in form front and center as soon as people click to visit your website. If it is sales, we’ll examine your sales message, offers & check out process for optimal results. I offer advanced, proven strategies to help my clients accomplish their targeted goals.

2. Design – Focus your design on your target audience. For example, if you’re marketing to college students, you’re going to need a totally different design and content, than if you’re marketing to senior citizens. Always match the design to your target audience. I also help increase your website sales or opt in conversions through advanced direct response techniques, creating authority, good content, calls to action and implementing proven viewing & reading paths.

3. SEO Freindly & Initial (Search Engine Optimization) – Having an awesome website design won’t help a bit if your website does not come up for relevant searches! We choose SEO friendly themes & templates. Then, we do keyword & phrase research and define the highest traffic terms & target them right off the bat on all designs. This includes setting up the initial onsite SEO, tags, links & content. Although this will not guarantee you initial front page listings, it will build the foundation. I’ve had clients come to me with sites they’ve spent all kinds of money (elsewhere) on SEO unsuccessfully… only to find out the design was stopping them.

4. Contact – If you seem unopen to contact, you’ll have a hard time making sales. Put an offer on every page of your website and include your contact information on every page, even if you only include it at the very bottom. Add your social media links (not at the top though!), include a link to your podcast or YouTube videos, add a contact form, so prospects and customers can contact you right from your website. The more open you seem to interaction with prospects and customers, the more prospects and customers you’ll have.

5. Tracking – You must build tracking and analytics into your website code or you’ll end up leaving a whole lot of money on the table at the end of the day. With tracking, you can learn important things like when exactly during the checkout process people change their minds about making a purchase. How long people stay on your website. The most popular website pages people visit. These are all important to the success of your website.

When you follow the steps above & nail down these areas, you will have a website that drastically increases sales!

Are You Ready For A New Website or to Optimize Yours?

Whether you’re a business starting from scratch and you don’t have a website, or you’re an existing business with a website that could possibly perform better, Cline Marketing Solutions can create a high performance, winning website for your business. We can also get your website to the top of relevant searches & traffic.

Don’t be overwhelmed! We’ll make this process incredibly easy for you in simple stress free steps…

Schedule a Free Website Design or Optimization Consultation

Find out how much business & how many sales you could be missing. Get ideas on how you can capture them. Get answers to issues or questions you may have on your existing website design or SEO.

*There will be no pressure sales or obligation. However, I do not accept all new clients or projects. An initial meeting will help us both see if we are a “good fit.”

Schedule your free website design & optimization meeting on my 24 hour online calender by clicking the button below:

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