Increasing Your Sales… Crucial Basics

Whether you are selling products or services on the internet, in your brick & mortar store, or providing a service in your customers home. There are four psychological “Levels” your prospects must pass through before they decide to buy from you. We all do it… every time before we buy.

Nail down these 4 psychological buying levels in your marketing and you will definitely see an increase in sales.

Here are the Levels:

1. Your prospect “raises his hand” because you said or did something that really grabbed  his/her curiosity. You connected with him/her in a way that leads them to want to hear more. You hit a “hot button”.

2. Your prospect learns more about you, your company and products. He comes to feel that yes, you folks know your stuff. You’ve created a sense of “Authority”.

3. Your prospect shares his personal situation. He needs to get to a place where he feels you really understand him. You gain their trust.

4. You make a recommendation and close the deal.

These four levels are just reality. It doesn’t matter what you sell, your prospect must pass through each of these Levels – in order. If you sell coffee it may take a minute. If you sell real estate, it may take much longer. But they MUST ALWAYS pass through these Levels.

A common marketing mistake…

The key to understand here is do not jump to recommending -a level 4 activity- until your prospect has passed through Levels 2 and 3. This is a common mistake. Refuse to talk about your product before they’ve passed through Levels 2 and 3. And when you do this, your sales will increase.

Slow down and walk them through the process. Check all of your sales systems & procedures to see if you leading your prospects through this natural sequence.

An exception… Sometimes.

There is one exception where your prospect does not necessarily need to be led through all 4 Levels. Or, it is much easier to do so. That is AFTER your prospect has become your customer… when they have bought from you and are happy with their purchase.

Studies show that your happy customers will buy from you much more readily than when they were a prospect. They want to buy again from someone they’ve already trusted once successfully. In many cases you are safe leading them right to Level 4.

Do you have “add on” offers in your sales check out process? Packages to choose from at different price points? Do you keep in regular (monthly) contact with your customers & offer them valuable info or other products? Coupons, discounts or special offers?

Your customers are also wanting to tell others about how you made them happy… especially when they are given a reason to do so. They want to be your raving fans. Are you creating raving fans? Do you have a referral program? Are you communicating it every time you interact with your customer?

If you answered no to any of the questions above, Ladies & Gents… you are leaving A LOT of money on the table in your business.

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