SEO for Drastic Sales Increases

Search engine optimization (SEO)… one of the online raves today. And, rightly so because a properly executed SEO plan for your web presence will bring in drastic traffic, revenue & profit increases.

Whether you are a global, national or small local service company, you can profit greatly from good SEO.

As I speak to prospective clients though, I find that in many cases they do not know what SEO is.  So…. let’s clarify that first.

Understanding SEO – What is It?

Simply put, SEO is positioning your web presence (website, blog, sales page, web based business) directly in front of the people searching for it on the search engines (Google, Bing & Yahoo mainly)… and in as top position as possible.  Then, having your “listing” optimized to draw that highly targeted traffic to your site/offer.

Example: If you are a dentist in Boise and someone Googles “Boise Dentists”, you would profit greatly by being one of the top 3 dentists shown on that search page. Especially if your listing & site were optimized for high response. How much would you profit?

I’ve seen traffic & sales increases of over 1000%… SEO is an incredible return on investment, if done properly.

We can also place you in other positions (multiple listings) on the same search engine results page. Thus dominating that page search results.

How Do You Get These Top Positions?

Well… first let me state this: Many SEO companies will tell you they have a “package” that will get you there. But the truth is, without properly defining your goals, conducting research & proper planning, and using honest, accepted “white hat” SEO techniques, your results will be short term (if any).

Some SEO techniques used today will get quick results but then get you banned from long term future placement. In many cases your money could be wasted or the costs quoted very misleading.

Most people do not understand SEO so they are a good target for SEO companies that really do not provide much value (kind of like sending my lovely wife to a rogue mechanic with car trouble).

There are so many points to consider in an effective SEO strategy. To get top positions (and also maximize sales conversions when you are there) you need an SEO marketing expert & SEO services plan you can trust.

Even though this process may sound overwhelming, it’s really not. All is done in planned steps.

Points to Consider When Planning a “Drastic Sales Increasing” SEO Campaign

Here are just a few important items to cover in initial planning:

Define your goals- Are you targeting local, national or international exposure? Do you want to increase sales of a specific item or items? Are you looking to build an “opt in” data base (list) of potential customers? Do you want instant traffic & sales during the natural SEO process? What is your budget? The answers to questions like this will help define many aspects of the SEO set up, strategies & campaign.

Research items- What are the top “converting” keywords related to what you are selling? How much traffic could you expect from optimization? How strong is the competition for them? Who is your competition online? What will it take to beat them in position? What will it take to beat them in unique selling point? What SEO strategy will give you the biggest bang for the buck to start with? Is your website SEO friendly? Is your website or landing page converting relevant visitors to sales. If not, why not?

These are just some of the questions that need to be answered to execute a highly profitable SEO campaign.

If you do not know the answers, that’s OK. I help you answer all of these questions through my research and meetings with you. And, I can set up a high profit SEO campaign no matter what your goals or budget. There’s no reason to get overwhelmed.

An SEO Campaign that Drastically Increases Your Sales May be Simpler Than You Think…

You may be at the 10 yard line ready to make a touch down… and simply just need to get started with acquiring the targeted traffic a good SEO campaign can deliver. Or, you may be wondering where to begin & what it takes to get rolling. Either way, the best place to start is to get an assessment and advice you can trust.

Get a Free SEO Assessment & Consultation. Plus at Least 3 New Ideas on How to Increase Your Revenues…

Whether you have specific questions, ideas, goals, or are not sure where to begin with SEO, I invite you to a free meeting to discuss.

During our meeting & after discussing your business, I’ll also give you at least 3 solid ideas on how you can increase your revenues. I’d truly like to help you increase your sales.

Schedule Your FREE SEO & Revenue Increase Meeting on my 24 hour online calendar by clicking the button below:



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*There will be no pressure sales or obligation. However, I do not accept all new clients or projects. An initial meeting will help us both see if we are a “good fit.”

To your success!


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