Rules for Marketing & Sales Success in 2011

Claude Hopkins (1866-1932)

Has marketing changed in the last 80 years? You bet.

The types of media, technology & ways to deliver your marketing message have definitely changed. There a ton of new options available.

Yet… human buying psychology remains much the same as it always has been. Proof of this can be found in Claude Hopkins legendary and classic book “Scientific Advertising” written in 1923 (a must & easy read if you haven’t). Those principals still apply today.

I’ve listed an “updated selling manifesto for 2011” below. Understanding these marketing rules will help put you on your way to huge sales increases in your business…

You’ll seldom get away with breaking these marketing & sales rules:

1. The old fashioned sales routine of cold calls, telemarketing, pounding the pavement, knocking on doors, ignoring “No Solicitors” signs and trying to visit people who don’t want to see you is DEAD.

2. A prospect who “finds” you first is more likely to buy from you, than if you find him.

3. A true marketing and publicity system delivers a predictable number of quality sales leads to you every day, month after month, year after year, so your sales people only spend time with people who already understand what you do and who have proactively asked you to help them solve their problem.

4. Your marketing & sales message must effectively answer the following four questions:

• Why should I read or listen to you?

• Why should I believe what you have to say?

• Why should I do anything about what you’re offering?

• Why should I act now?

5. Every time you communicate with your customer, you should reinforce the core ingredients of your sales message.

6. You are in the best negotiating position with customers when your marketing generates “deal flow” which exceeds your capacity. You reverse the risk to be placed upon you, not them. Your customers are saying to themselves: “I’d be crazy not to do this!”

7. Marketing is far more systematic and formulaic, than creative.

8. Advertising is “selling in print.”

9. What other people say about you (publicity, referrals and testimonials) is infinitely more believable and less expensive than what you say about yourself (conventional advertising)

10. Smart marketers know their numbers: How much a customer is worth, what they can afford to spend to get a customer, and the Return On Investment for each ingredient in their marketing mix.

11. All people make buying decisions based on emotion; therefore your marketing must use emotion to sell what people want, not what you think they “need” or want them to need.

12. You will capture the attention of your customers when you enter the conversation already taking place inside their heads.

13. You will earn the trust of your customers when you talk to them the same way they talk to each other and themselves.

14. Your marketing should deliver a concrete explanation and promises of tangible appealing value and specific calls to action; not catchy slogans, clever phrases, puns or abstractions.

15. Customers should be spoken and written to in a conversational, layman’s tone of voice that strives to build trust, educate and persuade, rather than dazzle and impress.

16. The most valuable asset you can own is a well-maintained customer database.

17. It’s much easier and less expensive to serve existing customers than to get new ones. Friends come and go but enemies accumulate.

18. What you sell should be re-packaged and re-invented to differentiate it from competitive products and make apples-to-apples comparisons difficult or impossible.

19. People are cynical… and they will only believe what you can prove.

20. You will dramatically enhance your credibility as a sales person by authoring, speaking and publishing quality information on your field of expertise.

21. Nobody who bought a drill wanted a drill. They wanted a hole. If you sell a product or service, you should lead with information about solving problems, not information about the product or service itself.

You’ll do better to think of these things as “laws” rather than rules. But these laws don’t tell you how to go about accomplishing what you set out to do…

There is a lot of information available today on creating winning marketing systems, messages & offers. Where should you start?

Your choices? You can take the time to research,  learn and implement them yourself. This is usually the hardest and most expensive way (don’t ask me how I know). Or… you can seek proven, honest counsel that will get you where you want to go the easiest, fastest & most profitable way.

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Dennis Cline

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