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Googles New Algorithm Changes - Website Design & SEO Are Now OneWant to increase your website traffic & sales? This is a must read…

The days of strictly focusing on a website’s ranking with the major search engines and ignoring your website appearance, visitor path, calls to action and other features are over. The same is true of creating a well designed and stunning website and expecting people to flock to it.

This has actually been the case for a long time… but now more than ever. Google has made significant recent changes to their search algorithm. Many high ranking websites have lost position and will continue to do so.

In order to achieve exceptional Internet marketing success, it is critical to give equal weight to a site’s appearance and its performance with the major search engines, Google especially. Top-quality search engine optimization (SEO), and website design are equally important and now go hand in hand. If you overlook one, you pretty much render the other one useless. Learn more about this important topic below:

Website Design for Visitor Engagement

Design is much more than just how your website looks. Google is now using the amount of time someone spends on your website, as well as user engagement to help rank your website for search positions. If someone comes to your site and “clicks” away quickly, Google looks at that as an indicator your site is not relevant to the user search. Thus, moving your site down in search position and, moving sites up that have good visitor engagement & time onsite. This is not the only indicator Google looks at by far, but is one.

Do you like spending time on websites that are poorly designed, unattractive & difficult to navigate? If you’re like most people, you probably don’t. Why waste your time on a site that does not give you what you are looking for when there are so many stunning, easy-to-navigate, compelling & informative sites out there?

Overlooking the appearance, navigation, calls to action & other visitor engagement areas of your website are some of the biggest mistakes we see made. Most of the time these items are innocently overlooked. It is totally possible for a web design company to create a site honestly thinking they are giving you a sales & SEO optimized site… and not be.

It is important to create a website (or adjust the one you have) that is not only pleasing to the eye, but is easy to navigate, engages your visitors, creates the action you want the visitor to take, and most importantly; gives you the targeted traffic/lead/sales results you want.

The design company needs to have a solid grasp on visual design, visitor engagement, conversion optimization, and SEO for Googles recent expectations. Most do not.  There is simply no substitute for a “marketing & SEO educated” website.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you want your website to be successful and haven’t implemented an SEO strategy yet, you are missing out on a lot of business. When handled properly, search engine optimization can result in a steady stream of highly targeted traffic to your website.

The world of SEO is changing constantly, so it’s critical to hire a firm that keeps its finger on the pulse of new search engine algorithms and other factors. Many SEO techniques used today are outdated (in the last 6 months) and can actually hurt your website.

In addition to that, search engine optimization has to be an ongoing process if it’s going to produce consistent, long-term results. Most website design firms do not build SEO into the sites they build, or they mistakenly build in SEO that does not help.

Why Website Design & SEO are Equally Important

The search engines are now wanting to see user engagement and time spent on your site. Design has everything to do with this. Your site design is the foundation of a good SEO program. It’s now a must. Not only to begin a solid SEO program, but to optimize your sales or lead generation.

However, sinking all of your marketing money into the design of your website will leave you with no money to pay for top-notch SEO services. Similarly, spending all of your marketing funds on search engine optimization will leave you with a poorly designed site.

Great search engine optimization will draw people to your site, but they won’t stick around if it has a confusing reader path, too many undefined options, poor or no calls to action, no clear objectives, or is difficult to navigate.

Likewise, having a gorgeous, well-designed website doesn’t mean that people will be able to find it in searches. “Building it will not make them come”, in other words.

Website Design and SEO: A One-Two Internet Marketing Punch

From the standpoint of Internet marketing, the only way to get solid resuilts is to engage in ongoing search engine optimization, and develop a strategically designed website. Favoring one approach over the other will get you nowhere. When used in concert, however, you will increase your sales, opt ins & lead generation .

Carefully executed search engine optimization will pull your site up to the top of the Google rankings, which will draw a steady stream of targeted traffic to your site.

Upon arriving and being greeted with a visually pleasing, easy-to-use and sales optimized site, those people will be more likely to stick around and do business with you. Then, Google sees good visitor engagement and gives you a better ranking.

Increase Sales and Conversions

The primary goal of virtually any business website is to generate sales. To do that successfully, you have to attract the right people to your site. To convert them into customers, your site has to be easy to use and “sales optimized” designed.

When SEO and website design are used in concert, your sales and conversions are sure to increase and your efforts will be rewarded with great return on investment.

The trick to doing this is to hire a successful and experienced search engine optimization and web design firm. Ideally, a single company should handle both matters for you. We see sites built by design only companies every week that look good, but are not doing well in searches & SEO. And, will never do well the way they are set up.

Even though the designers state the site was built for SEO, most designers are unaware of what really works with SEO. Therefore, they accidentally make mistakes that cause poor SEO performance.

It Pays You Back

It pays to hire a single, reputable Internet marketing company to handle the design and search engine optimization of your website. By doing that, your site will be designed with good search engine optimization techniques in mind. At the same time, its overall design will appeal to both: search engine robots and real human beings.

When that happens, you will see your conversion rates and sales increase. The process may take some time, but you’re sure to find that it is more than worth it in the long run.

It may also be possible to make some simple changes with your existing website and accomplish these goals. We have clients that come to us with existing websites that just need some “tweaking” to begin getting increased traffic & sales.

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